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October 2004 Spay Day...

The Oct. 16, 2004, Spay Day was held at the Maplewood Veterinary and Animal Hospital, Pelican Rapids, Minn. Two volunteer veterinarians and numerous other volunteers (including two veterinary students from the University of Minnesota) worked to make this day successful. Thirty-seven cats received services (30 of which were female), including spays/neuters, vaccinations for rabies and distemper, treatment with Revolution (a second dose was sent home with owners for them to treat cats in one month), and feline leukemia tests. People selected to have their cats treated that day were people or organizations that PAAWS felt would benefit most. They included three Humane Society organizations, including Fergus Falls, Becker County and Fargo-Moorhead. Four cats from each of these organizations were treated. Other individuals who received services for their pets included two single mothers and a disabled Vietnam veteran. There were many others who also benefited from the day. Click on any of these Oct. 16, 2004, Spay Day thumbnail pictures to go to larger ones.