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Spay Days


Spay Day steps:

  1. Check in.
  2. Complete forms.
  3. Cats are collared, weighed and anesthesized.
  4. Cat are kennels numbered to correspond to their neckbands (paperwork is also numbered to correspond with kennels and neckbands).
  5. When cats are unconscious they are:
    • Shaved down
    • Scrubbed with sterilizers
    • Given eye drops to keep eyes lubricated
  6. Cats are taken to surgery, and vets perform the surgeries.
  7. Cats are brought out of surgery and taken to the next station.
  8. Rabies and distemper vaccinations are given, and leukemia testing is done.
  9. Cats are placed into their kennels, where they are monitored (slowly waking from anesthesia).
  10. Owners pick up their pets when they are ready to leave.